Introducing CAPTON(™) AI NPL EWS:

A software application that enables sophisticated prediction of Non-Performing Loans

The Banking & Financial Services Industry is seeing a marked increase in non-performing loans (NPL) and loan defaults since the Global Pandemic. Applying AI to improve the predictive power across various types of loans can help reduce the number and size of Non-Performing Loans.

Join Devansh Sharma, Global Head of Product, accompanied by Scott Spiker, Director of AI Solutions for a preview of CAPTON(™) AI NPL EWS, an enterprise software application that enables sophisticated prediction of Non-Performing Loans, by applying AI/Machine Learning and Behavioral Analytics to a combination of core banking data and dynamic external data. EWS provides role-based access to an Intuitive User Interface allowing insights into NPL default probabilities at global, regional and branch levels. A secure deployment model provides choice of on-premise, private cloud or hybrid options.

During this session you will learn: 

  • If you are wondering if Capton AI is the right solution or would be a good fit for your organization, this is the perfect opportunity.
  • See a product demo that shows how your company can predict NPL with up to 99% accuracy and with a 6, 9 and 12 month forecast horizon
  • Learn how AI/Machine Learning technology is applied to banking data and dynamic behavioral insights to enable this solution
  • Understand and assess the potential ROI to your company from deploying CAPTON(™) AI

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