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Executive Brief: AI for Non-Performing Loans in the Pandemic Era
Effectively and proactively predicting “Non-Performing Loans” can save financial institutions millions of dollars annually. For high-growth banks and lending institutions, accurately assessing the risk that a loan could potentially become a non-performing asset can result in significant savings. Since the pandemic, banks are more vulnerable than during the last global financial crisis. 

This Executive brief informs on:

  • Market Trends & the Impact of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic
  • The Discipline of Predicting Non-Performing Loans
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Behavioral Analytics to boost prediction accuracy and increase forecast horizons

Developing an early warning system that utilizes the latest AI technology can complement a human-intelligence-driven loan workout strategy. With early predictions and customer behavioral intelligence, banks can discover and automate processes to convert these “potential NPLs” back into well-performing assets. 

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