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How to use AI to Predict Non-Performing-Loans with up to 99% accuracy

The need for NPL prediction is clear. Non-performing loans (NPLs) are on a delayed rise as a result of the economic stress of the pandemic: right now, we’re in what ING is calling “the calm before the storm.” In fact, the only banks seeing a decrease in NPLs are those aggressively writing them off or selling — with an accompanying dip in net profits, particularly for smaller banks. Many experts expect to see as much as a 25% increase in global NPLs in the next year.

Banks either have a growing portfolio of NPLs, or they will soon. And the only way to know — aside from waiting until the loans have defaulted — is by predicting whether the loan will perform with a loan prediction model.

This is a quick reference guide that can help banks in the exploration and evaluation of options for Prediction of NPLs.

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